Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wore A Baggy Jumpsuit In The Chicest Way

Dressing for summer is one of the main reasons that the hottest season is my favourite. Simply reach for a pretty summer dress and some strappy sandals and you’re ready without a hitch—no need to spare a thought about layers, wet-weather gear, or “appropriate” footwear. With a fondness for the ease of summer styling, I couldn’t help but notice that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just styled the perfect spring equivalent with a chic dress alternative that’s makes getting dressed so easy.

Reaching for a baggy jumpsuit from Saint Laurent, Rosie crafted an easy-to style outfit that offered just the right amount of coverage for the early-spring season.

With a long-sleeve, full-length design and comfortable, baggy fit, the models jumpsuit matched the ease of a flowing summer dress whilst meeting the weather demands of this slightly cooler season. In a light beige hue, Huntington-Whiteley’s jumpsuit conveyed a relaxed and laidback energy that was punctuated by the structure found in the oversized shoulders and leather belt detail. These clever details balanced the feel of the jumpsuit, whilst encapsulating the models naturally polished yet easy-going style.