The Most Delicious 2023 Food-Inspired Beauty Trends of 2023

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From strawberry girl makeup to blueberry milk nails. Bon appétit!

As we reflect on the beauty trends that defined the year, one thing is abundantly clear: There was an insatiable appetite for food-themed makeup and manicures. On the menu this year were nails inspired by colourful summer fruits and makeup that mimicked our favourite autumnal beverages (not to mention fashion!). Everywhere we looked, it was a total feast for the eyes.

When Pantone announced its 2024 Colour of the Year, we wondered if beauty’s fixation with food-inspired looks may have informed the decision. Meet “Peach Fuzz,” the soft, pinky-orange hue that you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024.

As for the endless menu that was 2023 beauty trends, we can’t deny that some of these looks have serious staying power. Ahead, five of the most delicious 2023 beauty trends that satisfied our sweetest cravings this past year.

Cherry mocha tips

Whether it was our scarlet stockings, the colour of our lips, or the hue adorning our fingertips, no one seemed to be exempt from the reign of red that ruled colour trends this year. With their deep rouge colour balanced out by a hint of chocolate brown, “cherry mocha” nails were in perfect alignment.

Once autumn arrived, we could hardly scroll through our Instagram feeds or TikTok FYPs without spotting cherry mocha-coloured tips. As festive soirée season approached, this sultry shade felt fittingly festive. If you’re not typically one for more fiery shades of red, this vampy alternative may be up your alley in 2024.

Latte makeup

Thanks to its chic bronze vibe and a stamp of approval from trendsetter Hailey Bieber, “latte makeup” went viral over the summer and is still going strong. The monochromatic makeup look encapsulates the cozy comfort of the creamy beverage with layers of warm brown eyeshadow and a bronze contour overtop a glowy base.

The virality of this trend is thanks to the fact that its neutral palette makes it subtle enough for everyday wear, and it’s pretty easy to pull off. Not to mention it’s universally flattering on all skin tones and looks stunning on absolutely everyone. What makes a trend more appealing than that?

Blueberry milk nails

Pastels will forever be a beauty staple during the spring and summer months, but this year one delicate shade of blue was more popular amongst manicure trends than the rest. You knew this was coming: blueberry milk nails! Powdery blue nail polish proved to be surprisingly wearable thanks to its “milky” hue, and incredibly trendy because, well, it’s just plain cute.

As seen on Sofia Richie, Dua Lipa and Zendaya, this manicure trend was one you simply couldn’t miss in 2023. Though we’re sure we’ll eventually drop the “blueberry milk” from its name and revert to simply asking for “baby blue” at the salon, we suspect this colour trend is one that will never be too far away when the warm weather hits.

Strawberry girl makeup

Hailey Bieber strikes again. What started as a marketing strategy for Rhode’s Strawberry Glaze Peptide Lip Treatment turned into a full-fledged beauty trend in, like, an afternoon. A beautiful blend of the biggest 2023 beauty trends (rosy cheeks, coquette beauty and balletcore), this pink, flushed, sweet, dewy trend had us blushing.

Featuring brushed up, fluffy brows, faux freckles, glowy skin and of course, cheeks and lips — and even eyelids — coloured with a natural looking pink sheen, strawberry girl makeup involved a finished look that made us appear like we’d spent the day frolicking through a field of berries. What’s not to love?

Tomato girl makeup

@megsircar perfect summer look 🍅 #tomatogirlsummer #tomatogirlmakeup #tomatogirl #makeuptrends #browngirlmakeup #browngirlmakeuptutorial #tomatogirls #saiebeauty #saiebeautyblush #supergoop #supergoopglowscreen #supergoopsunscreen #olioeossobalm ♬ Somethin’ Stupid – Frank Sinatra & Nancy Sinatra

We know what you’re thinking: How is this any different than strawberry girl makeup? The truth is, it’s technically not. But in vibes, it *totally* is. While strawberry girl frolics through a field, tomato girl is busy ordering her third negroni and slurping pasta pomodoro (tomatoes, hello?!) at her favourite restaurant in Positano.

Like we said earlier this summer, the tomato girl aesthetic is “inspired by the juicy produce on the coast of Italy; the style encapsulates the laid-back energy that comes from summering in Europe. It’s about dressing not for the life you have, but the life you want.” Buon appetito! 

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