Celebrity Profile: John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale

If running the planet was left up to SohoJohnny, he would be engaging the whole world in a conspiracy of love. Always touching people on a human level, SohoJohnny has evolved into something beyond the ordinary. He finds his light and his spark in the radiance of others and believes that every miracle is made of the staff of stars.

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, record label owner, actor, producer and friend to the masses, he watches as life unfolds mysteriously, he knows that the future cannot be foretold, and we don’t often get what we expect. We stumble on cracks and are faced with imperfection. Bonds are tested and tightened and our lives are landscape shifts in sunshine and shade.

SohoJohnny is the founder of the Let Me Help, Inc Foundation, designed to help others in their greatest time of need. The organization was founded during the pandemic after the passing of his mom. He has already led the world in several benefits both live and virtual and has been credited for holding title of one of the greatest produced virtual shows ever. He gives credit to the celebrities who helped with this endeavor out of the goodness of their hearts. Some of those artists who donated their time and talent include  Tony Orlando, Julian Lennon, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Edelman, Leland Sklar, Kenny Aronoff, Slash, Kim Sledge, Rick Wakeman, John Lodge, Mickey Burns, Sir Patrick Stewart, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Jane Lynch, Leon, and many others, the list too long to mention.

Johnny also owns Tribeca and Soho Record labels giving independent artists a chance to be heard as well as signing well-known artists who enjoy the intimacy of a smaller label. He is also about to celebrate the screening of the new thriller “The Beast Inside” as both executive producer and supporting actor. The film stars Sadie Katz, Laurene Landon, and Vernon Wells, and the music was written and performed by iconic film music architect Randy Edelman.

Whatever projects JOHNNY becomes involved in are bound to be in a success, as he tends to show his strength by acknowledging his weaknesses. Ever evolving he knows that we are nothing without change. Fate can propel us in every direction without asking us which wind to ride.

The official website for SohoJohnny may be found at

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