The World of Entertainment….What Will 2024 Offer?

Ultimately the New Year brings a new chapter to the books already written and to those not yet created….the first blank pages of a 365 page manifesto. The issues of last year is like a bridge of sparkling wings stretching out amongst the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare…yet the show must go on….The New Year stands before us with an unlimited potential in the midst of uncertainty and the confidence to continue. Artists, entertainers, radio hosts, comedians, actors, singers, storytellers, all have a talent that audiences want. Their endeavors effortlessly relieve the stress of everyday life and make us forget what we don’t wish to remember….

Although predictions aren’t written in blood, it’s fun to try and figure out just what 2024 might bring to both new and established artists and entertainers, who’s on a journey to success and who’s already immersed in it….


Irene Michaels: Last year brought Irene a Josie Music Award for her song “I Like Rain”, a Grammy nomination in two categories for Best New Artist and Best Song “What the World Needs Now.” She won the Get Out Magazine Award (the 7th largest LGBTQ publication in the world) for her contribution to House Music for “I Like Rain” and was nominated in both New York and Chicago for the Broadway World Best Song in a Cabaret show. Irene was also filmed for the iconic late night talk show “Profiles With Mickey Burns” and the new late night variety show “Soho At Night.” She is currently about to release more new music which promises to be her most exciting yet. After being engaged in the world of entertainment for nearly 7 decades as singer, actress, model, lifestyle journalist, dancer and more, she is on fire!

Baker Grace: Baker Grace had an amazing year in 2023 releasing a worldwide anthem “American Dream Girl” and recently releasing her newest song “Pain Killer.” Baker has a unique and intense song writing ability reaching deep into the soul and heart of a global audience. With each release she elevates her career and is sure to reach unbelievable heights in 2024 and beyond. She has also debuted in her first movie this past year and plans on going forward with her phenomenal career.

Taylor Swift: Still on top and one of the hottest tickets on the planet, Taylor continues to thrive and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping her. Her artistry and entrepreneurial talent have influenced music and pop culture. Her vast media coverage and massive tour keeps her on top. She has over 280 million Instagram followers and one of the most loyal fanbases of any entertainer. She recently walked her fifth Golden Globe red carpet and her movie “Eras Tour” is making history.

Zach Bryan: Currently Billboard’s top new artist. He is a country music singer/songwriter who rose to the top almost overnight. His debut album “American Heartbreak” came in at number 5 out of the top 200 albums. His style of outlaw country and his quest to stay true to himself will continue to propel him in the coming year. He is currently beginning a massive tour and tickets are selling fast. Zach served 7 years in the  navy before getting an honorable discharge.

Randy Edelman: The multi-award winning film and television soundtrack genius continues to thrill people with his piano couture and his song writing magic. This year alone he celebrated the release of his inspirational, global anthem “Everything is Possible” both solo and a hip hop version with Grandmaster Melle Mel. He was inducted into The New England Music Hall of Fame, earned a Lifetime Achievement Award for composing from Get Out Magazine, debuted at the iconic Ice Palace in Cherry Grove and was surprised by a visit from Clive Davis at one of his New York performances. He was recently the only American composer invited to Washington DC to participate in a creative caucus focusing on copywriting issues and he continues to score films including director Ate de Jong’s Nashville saga Heartstrings, the holiday film Athena Saves Christmas, the exorcism themed thriller The Possession of Anne and the documentary Too Hot to Handle. Watch out though because a new album is on the way…

DRMAGDN: Known as the Cyborg Drummer and also as a DJ, 2023 was an incredible year for this BMG recording artist. With over 6 million social media views/streams for his remix cover of The Beatles “Something”, the EDM recording artist is going wild. Recently chosen as a representative for the popular drink “Glow” Water along with Kylie Jenner. DRMAGDN has played the Winter Olympics, Lollapalooza, Carnegie Hall, MetLife, Stadium, Bamboozle Fest, Royal Albert Hall in London, The View, MTV, The Today Show, AOL Sessions and more. He has toured 31 countries, 43 states, and can be heard on over 250 records. About to release new music 2024 promises to be an even bigger rock n roll year!

Drake: The Canadian rapper is and has been an influential figure in popular music. He has been credited with popularizing singing and R&B sensibilities in hip hop artists. All of his albums have topped the US Billboard top 200 and he is ranked as the highest certified digital singles artist in the US by the RIAA. He has won 5 Grammys, 6 American Music Awards, a record 34 Billboard Music Awards, and many others. His current album “For All the Dogs” was released this past October through OVO Sound and Republic Records, while “Scary Hours” was released this past November.

THE AMERICAN RELICS: They came out of nowhere last year with their hit single “The Eyes of 1969” which was recorded on Tribeca Records and went nearly viral on YouTube. The nostalgic influenced band consists of Frontman and founder John Gitano who writes the songs, plays guitar and sings lead vocals, Nelson Montana on bass, international opera singer Adrienne Dugger on vocals, Josh Salant on drums, Neal Lazar on lead guitar, and Patti Jarman on rhythm guitar and vocals. They debuted in the hottest nightlife space in New York City with an encore performance by popular demand on March 16, 2024. Their new song “We’ve Got To Start It All Again” along with their “Eyes of 1969” is enjoying radio play on KISS FM and other stations all over the country. These guys are in for a big year!

SohoJohnny/Tribeca Records: This independent record label soared to a high elevation with artists including Randy Edelman and his hit single and album with the same name “Everything is Possible”, Irene Michaels cover of “What the World Needs Now” (nominated for a Grammy), Jenny Grace, AniMaze X, Many Miles Awa (featuring the son of Journey’s guitarist Neal Schon), violinist Daisy Jopling, THE AMERICAN RELICS (as heard on KISS FM and more. President of Tribeca Records John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale is a leading player in the entertainment industry as far as music, acting, producing and philanthropy. We can look forward to his upcoming late night talk and variety show “Soho At Night” sometime this year. His first supporting role in a movie “The Possession of Anne” is set to release this coming February, and there are more films to come. We are looking at a phenomenal year to come in the world of entertainment and also in the entrepreneurial world of Real Estate as SohoJohnny plays a major role in Manhattan as co-owner of Pep Real Estate number one go-to for celebrity and boutique pop-up stores.

Rocky Kramer: Rocky Kramer has one of the most popular shows on Twitch called Rock N’ Roll Tuesdays with Rocky Kramer seen every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM Pacific time. Rocky himself is one of the best guitarists known to man and is also a singer/songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist. Each year his show becomes more popular and I believe this is his year to climb the ladder of success on many different realms.

Luke Harrison:  This Australian born superstar debuted his first single “Make Me Better” and it came in at number 25 on Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts and number 1 in Belgium and Germany.  The talented 18 year old has already made his mark in his native land where he performed at the 2018 Commonwealth Games which was televised throughout the world, he has performed at the Olympics and much more. Luke is about to explode in America and will be coming to New York to be filmed for the iconic Profiles with Mickey Burns and the new late night variety show Soho At Night.

Simonetta Lein: With over 18.6 million Instagram followers, Simonetta is no stranger to the bright lights of entertainment having been an international supermodel which she still is. Most recently she has embarked in a television project that is escalating with each coming season. The Simonetta Lein Show is a talk show hosted by herself. She interviews celebrities, sports figures, people of interest, and more. The positive vibes brought about from her show will keep her at the top of her game and the industry this year for sure.

Wendy Stuart Kaplan: Wendy is an anomaly. She is a model, author, comedian, entertainer, producer, director, TV host, and a high-spirited bundle of energy that is always up for anything. Her show “If These Walls Could Talk” hosted by herself and co-host Tym Moss reveals the works of celebrities in all categories. She carefully researches all of her guests and has gotten some huge names to appear including bassist Leland Sklar, composer Randy Edelman, actor Leon Robinson, and more. If she continues at this pace 2024 should be a wild journey for her and the show.

Harvey Brownstone: Judge turned superstar television host is well on his way to a joyous success in the New Year. Since his show “Harvey Brownstone Interviews” , an in-depth and intimate conversation with celebrities began, he has managed to escalate his enthusiasm and his popularity. He was the first openly gay judge of the Ontario Court of Justice (now retired) and has penned best-selling books regarding family court issues. He now has one of the leading shows with over 5 million viewers and quickly climbing. We believe 2024 will put Harvey way on top.

Howard Bloom: When one speaks of success Howard’s name is synonymous. Having been the world’s most successful press agent for over 300 icons (Billy Idol, Prince, Queen, Alice Cooper, Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, and almost everyone else on the planet) he is actually a scientist at heart as well as a best-selling author, radio broadcaster and recording artist. He has even started his own institute (the Howard Bloom Institute). Immersed in his writings, essays, and manuscripts everything he touches turns to diamonds. The world is entranced with Howard and his continued success in everything he does will continue and blossom into even more.

Mickey Burns: His 21 year running show “Profiles With Mickey Burns” is an intimate talk show surrounding the lives and careers of some of the biggest icons, legends, superstars, sports figures and important people on the planet. He has been interviewing people for over 21 years and some include Joan Rivers, Joan Collins, Fred Schneider, Randy Jones, Mary Wells, Smokey Robinson, Adam Ant, Joey Belladonna, Alex Skolnick, Melba Moore, Robert Wagner, Christopher Plummer,  CeCe Peniston, and years of others. Already recognized as a God in the interview world Mickey just gets better and better and better….

Aria Fenix: With an incredible story of being a medical doctor who followed her dreams with music, her signature voice and positive energy make her someone to watch for in 2024. Her music is influenced by a diverse background in songwriting, mindfulness, musical theater, dance, yoga and medical school.

Kylie Marshall: The 15 year old superstar has already starred in a movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. (Athena Saves Christmas), toured stadiums, appeared on Wonderama (the iconic kids show), appeared on Soho At Night, the late night variety show, and has recorded numerous songs. She is not only a singer but also writes her own songs. She’s an advocate for the prevention of Teen Suicide and Bullying. An amazing singer, a beautiful actress, Kiley 2024 is your year.

Chappell Roan: Called “the next big thing” and is currently touring on the “Midwest Princess Tour” in support of her music. She will also open for Olivia Rodrigo and is credited for background vocals on Rodrigo’s song “Lacy.” Good luck in the new year Chappell.

Miley Cyrus: Credited with the biggest song of the year with her break-up anthem “Flowers” boasting 198 million streams, Miley gets to stay on top. Dubbed the Pop Chameleon she is recognized for musical versatility and continual artistic reinventions. It will be interesting to see how Miley reinvents herself in 2024.

Rachael Cain/Trax Records: Rachael Cain lovingly known as Screamin’ Rachael is the Present of the iconic Chicago House Music Record label Trax Records. As an artist herself she has released numerous hits including her last single “Rising” a tribute to herself for beating the diversity and deputes associated with her label the past few years. We’d like to wish Rachael luck and good wishes for her and the label in this upcoming year.

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