EXCLUSIVE: Seed&Spark campaign for the new horror film, ‘Hunt Chase Kill’!





🚨 Exciting News! 🚨

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to share the launch of our Seed&Spark campaign for our new horror film, ‘Hunt Chase Kill’! 🎬🩸

🎥 About the Film:

‘Hunt Chase Kill’ is a gripping modern slasher that channels the raw terror of 1980s horror films. A nostalgic hike among friends turns into a nightmare as they become prey to masked killers. With intense realism and no supernatural elements, this film is designed to make you question the safety of trusting strangers.

🌟 Why We Need Your Support:

We’re committed to creating a high-quality horror film that stands out, and we need your help to bring our vision to life. Here’s how your contributions will make a difference:

$3,000 for professional editing to ensure the film looks and sounds its best.

$1,500 to cover essential legal fees and production costs.

$1000 for special effects makeup and props to enhance the realism of our horror scenes.

🎁 Exclusive Rewards:

We have some incredible incentives for our backers, including getting a choice to pick how someone dies in the movie, or even being in the movie yourself!

🔗 Join the Journey:

Check out our campaign and support ‘Hunt Chase Kill’ here: https://seedandspark.com/fund/hunt-chase-kill#story

Every bit of support helps, whether it’s a donation or a share. Let’s bring this terrifying tale to life together!

Thank you for your generosity and belief in our project. Let’s make horror history! 🩸👻🎥

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