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HBO, in collaboration with Max, has just released the trailer for “The Jinx – Part Two,” marking the return of the network’s exploration into the enigmatic and controversial figure, Robert Durst. This six-episode docuseries is set to premiere on Sunday, April 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, promising to unveil new information and hidden materials that have emerged in the eight years following Durst’s high-profile arrest.

The Jinx Part Two – Official Trailer

“The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst,” the original series directed by Andrew Jarecki, captivated audiences in 2015 with its deep dive into the life of the real estate heir and the dark cloud of suspicion surrounding him in connection with several murders. The series concluded with a dramatic turn of events as Durst was apprehended for the murder of Susan Berman in Los Angeles, just hours before the final episode was broadcast.

The forthcoming series, “The Jinx – Part Two,” aims to delve deeper into the investigation and trial that unfolded in the years after Durst’s arrest. It will feature never-before-seen interviews with Durst’s associates, recorded phone calls, and interrogation footage, offering an unprecedented look into the case.

Charles Bagli, a journalist for the New York Times, shared in the trailer, “As ‘The Jinx’ aired, Bob and I spoke after every episode. He was very nervous, and I thought to myself, ‘He’s gonna run.’” This sentiment was mirrored by District Attorney John Lewin, who added, “Bob was gonna flee the country, never to return.” However, Durst did not flee, and his arrest marked a significant turning point in the case.

The series promises to showcase the depth of Durst’s expectation for loyalty from his friends while he was behind bars, despite facing serious charges. A snippet from a phone call where Durst advises, “But you don’t tell them s–t,” hints at the complex relationships and dynamics at play.

Andrew Jarecki, reflecting on the nature of Durst’s alleged crimes, stated, “You don’t kill three people over 30 years and get away with it in a vacuum.” This commentary suggests the series will explore not only the crimes themselves but the broader network of influence and complicity that may have enabled Durst’s actions.

Contributors to the series include a wide range of figures involved in the case, such as Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles Habib Balian, defense attorneys Dick DeGuerin and David Chesnoff, and journalists who have covered the story extensively. The inclusion of judges Susan Criss and Mark Windham, as well as jury members and friends and associates of both Durst and his victims, promises a comprehensive perspective on the proceedings.

Robert Durst himself has commented on the attention the case and the documentary have garnered, stating he is “getting his own 15 minutes [of fame], and it is gargantuan.”

“The Jinx – Part Two” is anticipated to offer an insightful continuation of Robert Durst’s story, revealing new facets of the investigation and trial that have not been seen before. It stands as a testament to the ongoing intrigue and complexity surrounding Durst’s life and the legal battles that followed his arrest.

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