She Divorced a Ghost and Then Adopted a Possessed Clown Doll

We won’t pretend to understand all the nuances of being a medium. Some people believe and some don’t. It might be a matter of walking in someone else’s shoes for a day. Whatever you believe, it’s a slow news day so we thought we’d bring you this interesting story.

It comes from the New York Post where we are introduced to a woman named Brocarde who says she married a ghost named Edwardo. Brocarde contends that Edwardo cheated on her which resulted in their divorce. Brocarde, who is also a musician, is making a video series about her journeys and that led her to Nevada and the Clown Motel.

There she adopted a clown doll which she says is possessed by a spirit. After bringing it home with the motel’s permission to do a paranormal study, her ghostly ex, Edwardo, resurfaced and became jealous.

Brocarde told The New York Post:

“I can instantly tell when Edwardo has a point to make, his energy is very powerful. His presence has been very manageable these days and I only see him from time to time, he does not like the clown though, he watches him and I keep finding the clown by the door, subtly is not Edwardo’s strong point.

He has nothing to be concerned about, as I have no intention of marrying a clown ghost, although that would be funny. The clown is here for research purposes only, and I definitely don’t need to get into a paranormal love triangle.

I know the clown is possessed, so perhaps Edwardo has picked up on some bad energy and is just looking out for me. I’m fascinated by the prospect of spirit vessels and haunted objects, it’s a whole new world for me, so I’m trying to learn and absorb as much as possible. 

That’s why I’ve enjoyed filming this series so much as I’m meeting people who’ve had fascinating ghost adventures, not unlike myself.”

The spirit inside the doll is a carnival clown according to Brocarde. She claims it was underappreciated and laughed at in its human form and that ridicule might have formed a bonding psychic link.

“When I connect with spirits, it’s often their emotions that I connect with first. Sometimes an un-rested spirit attaches itself to a physical entity, in this case this clown doll had once been owned by or come into contact with a man who worked as a clown.

This man was tortured by his dreams of stardom but was condemned to life in the carnival where he was underappreciated. I suppose as an artist, I can relate to this, so I feel that’s why he chose me to convey this message.”

Brocarde is currently conducting a study on the doll because she thinks the spirit inside needs rescuing. She wanted to take it away from the motel where she says the hundreds of other clowns are competing for guest’s attention. But the process is slow.

“At the moment I only know snippets of information about him,” Brocarde says, “so over the coming months I’m going to try and understand more. So far he’s been a peaceful entity. He’s often moving on his own, but nothing that would cause me alarm. I’m hoping that doesn’t change now I have two ghosts in the house!”

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