The 6 Horniest Netflix Thrillers Spice Up Your Weekend

The 6 Horniest Netflix Thrillers Spice Up Your Weekend

If you’re looking to lose yourself in a decent selection of erotic thrillers, then Netflix has you covered. So, if you’re trying to find a way to put the sexy in your weekend plans, look no further than the platform that has no problem keeping all of us hot and bothered. Check out these six titillating watches below! 

365 Days (2020)

Imagine if Beauty and the Beast had a lot of sex, and then the Sicilian Mafia got involved. That’s what this Netflix movie is giving. It really found an audience, as it spawned two other movies that were released on Netflix just last year. You can watch the trilogy because 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days are there for you. So get busy.

Obsession (2022)

A man’s affair with his son’s fiancée turns into a full-blown obsession. I live for family drama but damn! This erotic thriller is a limited series because the messiness of the situation could not be contained in a single feature-length movie.

It Follows (2014)

A woman picks up something supernatural after having sex. This is the horniest unsexy movie I ever did see. While some characters do have sex, I’m too busy watching their backs for demons. This truly disturbing and polarizing movie about sex is a mood and worth a watch.

Sense 8 (2015-2018)

A group of sexy people scattered across the globe realizes they are psychically linked. This somehow ends with a couple of orgies and a lot of violence, but I swear it makes sense(8). This horny thriller was taken from us too soon, and I would break up with Netflix over the cancellation … but I may need to rewatch it. For research.

You (2018 – 2024)

An obsessive young man stalks women who catch his attention. Stalking isn’t sexy, and this show never lives up to its full horny potential. However, the cast is always gorgeous and led by the hottie known as Penn Badgley. All four seasons can get it, as far as I’m concerned.

You Get Me (2017)

After breaking up with his girlfriend, a guy has a one-night stand that ends with him getting a new stalker. It’s serving Gossip Girl had it made it on air during the CW’s peak era. It’s giving Fatal Attraction Junior, but we’re not mad at it.  

Let me know if your favorite horny Netflix thriller made the list at @misssharai.

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