Backyard Summertime Fun – Living in Yellow

Backyard Summertime Fun – Living in YellowBackyard Summertime Fun – Living in Yellow

Squirt Guns

Disclosure: Thank you to Walmart and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post.

Summertime has officially arrived in Michigan, and the kids are home and ready to p-l-a-y! Around here, that means spending as much time outdoors as possible, finding ways to stay cool, and most importantly – having all the fun! As much fun as mom is 99% of the time, it doesn’t hurt to have a few additions to the summer fun supply! 😉 And for that, I turned to none other than Walmart!

I knew I could count on Walmart to have everything I was looking for for summertime fun, from a bounce house to Bunch O Balloons to even giant Jenga! And with the convenience of Walmart’s buy online pickup in store feature, I was able to have all of the games and fun loaded into my car within a few hours! Anytime I can get what I need without getting myself and the kids out of the car is a win in my book!

Bounce House

This bounce house has provided hours and HOURS of fun. Whether it’s just my two kiddos or they have several friends over, the fun never stops when this thing is blown up!

Giant Jenga

Jengaaaaa! Don’t be the one to make it fall! This larger set is perfect for playing outdoors with adult friends, and has big enough pieces for those little fingers to get the hang of it too!

Disc Golf

My oldest has a recent obsession with disc golf, and now we can get some practice anytime we want in our own yard!

Toss + Catch // Squirt Guns // Bunch O Balloons // Goblies Throwable Paintballs

From the classic game of catch, to squirt guns to newer finds like Bunch O’ Balloons and throwable paintballs, the fun isn’t going to stop anytime soon!

Here’s to a great summer of fun, starting in our own backyard, thanks to Walmart!

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