The Best Amazon Household Finds

The Best Amazon Household FindsThe Best Amazon Household Finds

Home is where the heart is…. or where the Amazon Prime truck delivers. Either way. You could say we have quite the little love affair happening with Amazon when it comes to filling our homes, from our kitchen must-haves to life changing carpet cleaners [we’re tellin’ ya, if you have pets or drink red wine, you NEED this thing!]. We can’t quit Amazon! We recently took a look at all of the home items we’ve purchased through the years and narrowed down our all-time favorites to share with you! If you’re wanting to know the items we turn to again and again in our homes, here you have them!

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Green Machine

Things you will never hear me say: “I regret buying the Bissel Little Green Machine” — especially after one of our dogs vomits all over our bedroom rug ðŸ˜†ðŸ˜† This thing works like a DREAM. It’s amazing how much it picks up from rugs, couches, stains, spills, dog bodily fluid, etc! A definite household must!

Frame TV [shown here in the 65″]

Hatch Restore

One of my favorite purchases for our home of all time! We bought this Hatch Restore after learning about it on Shark Tank [same inventor of the Hatch Baby that’s been a top seller with over 9,000 reviews] and I fell in love after night one. It’s a personalized sleep machine that will ensure you get the best night of sleep possible. You simply set-up your desired “sleep routine” ranging from reading time, meditation time, a sound machine during the night, a natural sunrise to wake up to, an alarm clock with sounds that are fun [and relaxing] to wake up to and so much more. I truly look forward to crawling into bed every night, starting my sleep routine via the app and letting the Hatch do its thing. Husband approved as well!

COOP Pillow

We tested several pillows awhile back and this one won for all of the categories – a year later and I’m still sleeping on it every night! I love that you can add or remove the amount of memory foam that you require to ensure you get a perfect night of sleep! 

Vacuum [120 Minute Run Time]

Roomba Vacuum

Ring Doorbell

Traeger Smoker Grill

Rug Grips / Machine Washable Rug

Dare I say the best $10 purchase I’ve ever made?! If you have dogs or a Roomba, these rug grippers are a must! Bonus: they’re reusable and washable! Just peel, stick, and voila – no slip!

Sunglasses Organizer

Battery Organizer

Ice Maker

I never knew how wonderful owning a nugget ice maker would be until I got it and now, well, let’s just say all other ice fails in comparison. You can have the satisfaction of your favorite fast food joint ice in all of your drinks at home. Simply sit it on your counter, add water, plug it in and watch it do its thing! 

Margarita Machine

Salt & Pepper Grinders

A kitchen utensil I never expected to love this much — even all of our guests compliment them when they use them! One push of a button and you get fresh ground salt and pepper on your food – another favorite feature: the light on the bottom so you can see exactly how much and where you’re adding your S & P!

Watermelon Slicer

Pineapple Corer

Souper Cubes Silicone Containers

These silicone containers are a must for freezing soup! Whenever we make a batch of soup, we fill up our Souper Cubes, stick ’em in the freezer, and then whenever we want to eat it again, they pop out SO easy!

Stainless Steel Utensils / Cleaning Tools / Dutch Oven / Mixing Bowls

Welcome to our lil kitchen! From utensils and spices to mixing bowls and dutch oven, these shelves are the hub of our kitchen! We received these mixing bowls and this dutch oven as a wedding gift and they are both MUST-HAVES in my opinion!

Pitcher // Wine Tumbler

Vitamix Blender


Glass Smoothie Jars [set of 4]

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Electric Can Opener

Snap On Strainer

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Ninja Blender

Milk Frother

Coffee Grinder

Thanks to this Coffee Grinder I’ve saved around $1000 over the last year!! Sounds crazy, right?! 4 cups a week of $5 coffee shop coffee is $1000! The freshly ground beans taste so good at home I don’t even want to stop!

Shark Vacuum

Walking Pad // Adjustable Desk // Curtains // Candle Warmer // Pen Holder // Desk Pad // Stanley

Ninja Creami // Storage Containers


Spice Jars // Jar Labels

Tea Bag Organizer

Tank Top / Sports Bra Organizer

Stackable Drawers

Organizing Bins

Lunch Box

Dyson Attachment Organizer

Metal Shelving Unit

Garage Door Opener

Hands down, 100%, the best Amazon purchase I’ve made for our home over the last few years! I had this garage door keypad setup in less than 5 minutes, and it’s only $35! I don’t know why I waited so long to add one of these on!


Luggage Set

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