The Most Popular Amazon Items of 2024

Ain’t no shame in our Amazon game [or at least that’s what I keep telling myself whenever another package -or three- arrives]. A few months into the year, and the results are clear – you all love Amazon just as much as we do. And these are the most popular items you’ve been loving the most so far in 2024!

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Faux Tulips

THE. BEST. FAUX. TULIPS.  bought these faux tulips from Amazon that look and feel just as real as the real thing! They’re a waxy finish, have adjustable stems, and I swear they have a floral smell to them, ha! Highly highly recommend!

Candle Warmer

Say goodbye to the days of forgetting if you blew out the candle! With this candle warmer lamp you get the smell of the burning candle’s scent without the actual burning flame! Plus it looks pretty! 

St Tropez Self Tanning Mist

It amazes me how quickly and easily this creates a sun-kissed glow 😎😎 I apply at night after I wash my face + moisturize!  See our full sunless tanner comparison here!

Food Tray

Not just for veggies [although those are pretty good too]! See all the other uses for this amazing tray here!

Aviator Sunglasses

Not only are they priced right, they also fit perfectly under a baseball cap [a MUST for the sidelines!]

Indoor Fly Trap

Possibly the grossest picture we’ve ever posted on the internet, but… these plug-in fly traps WORK! Flies, gnats, moths [whatever pesky critters are flying around your home! ] don’t stand a chance!

Snail Mucin Serum + Moisturizer

Team LIY recently tried these products and started to fool people into thinking that we got Botox 😱😱 Needless to say, we’re fans!

See what the LIY Team had to say about it here!

Touchscreen Screen Cleaner

Wow. Just wow. Those my exact words when I cleaned my screen with this insane $10 screen cleaner! When it’s good, it’s good, I guess! Highly recommend this for your touch screen car screen, computer, etc!

Square Sunglasses

The $15 sunglasses are taking LIY by storm!

Since using this I have been amazed at not only the growth my eyelashes have seen, but also the strength of them as well! I have definitely noticed longer lashes after using nightly and every morning as I apply my mascara it seems like my mascara goes on easier and doesn’t require as much, which is a nice plus! p.s. Click here to see 5 lash serums put to the test!

Grande Lash Enhancing Serum

e.l.f. Hydrating Core Lip Shine Wearing in the shade “mulberry

I received this lip gloss in a Favorite Things party from a friend and I’m hooked! 

Loreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara

This has 100,000 reviews for a reason!

The under $35 Amazon jumpsuit feels all sorts of similar to the popular AirEssentials brand! 

Sarin Mathews Air Essentials Jumpsuit

Hey Nuys Essential 7/8 Legging

Hey Nuts leggings are also known as our favorite Amazon leggings!

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