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Disclosure: Thank you to SOREL and Collective Voice for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, worn, and loved by yours truly.

Let me paint a little picture for you right now. The skies are a bright shade of clear blue, the birds are singing a song high up in the trees, the sunshine is hitting my arms and hands as I type this, the dogs are running around in the green grass, there is a slight breeze in the air with very little humidity and for the first time in Indiana this year, I can positively say that spring is HERE [and I truly believe that it’s finally here to stay!] I could end right there and be done with this post titling it “the happiest day on earth” but, there’s more. It gets better. I KNOW.

We’re talking about the freedom to ditch the socks and strap on your sandals. There is no better feeling [okay, maybe I could think of better, but this one ranks pretty high up there] than feeling the warm air from your head to your toes. If there is one brand that I’ve found pedicure-worthy, it’s Sorel. They first drew me in with their waterproof boots, kept me around after discovering their waterproof wedge sneaker [the best] and now have me hooked on their crazy comfortable sandal line.

Let’s talk about two pairs worth talking about, shall we? Whether you’re going to summer concerts, have a brunch, bridal, or baby shower on the books, or fill in the blank with anything else that starts with F and ends with UN, these are the Cameron Wedge Sandals for you. They are also apparently the wedge sandals for everybody else as well because they are selling out super fast! Like with any SOREL shoe, you can trust the comfort level on these [just look at that cushioned sole]. The even better part? The velcro strap takes you back to your childhood while still looking put together. These are a 100% winner in my book!

Cameron Wedge Sandal [true to size]

Next up, let’s twist and shout — about these VIIBE Twist Slides. They were so nice, I bought ’em twice. First in the Nova Sand color and now in the Safari color! I bought these when I assigned myself the task of finding the most comfortable sandals I could find. I don’t mean to brag, but I would say I did a pretty good job of dominating that task 😉 You just slide ’em right on, and then let the shoes do the walking. They are so lightweight, the leather straps on the top are like a nice little cushy pillow and well, I think they are quite cute.

VIIBE Twist Slides [size up .5]

After all of this talk about comfortable sandals, it’s time for this girl to go enjoy this incredible evening and put these babies to the test. SOREL, let’s go soak up summer together.

Here are a few more summer favorites —

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