Lana Del Rey Threw Out Her Gold Gemini Jewelry After Realizing She’s a Cancer

Lana Del Rey Threw Out Her Gold Gemini Jewelry After Realizing She’s a Cancer

Lana Del Rey‘s birthday is June 21st, which puts her in some disputed territory when it comes to astrological signs. Turns out, the constellations have even befuddled our patron saint of melancholic pop, who revealed in a new video interview with Harper’s BAZAAR that she lived much of her life as an unshakeable Gemini before eventually making the shocking discovery that she is, in fact, a Cancer.

“I lived my life as a Gemini,” Del Rey said. “It’s insane. And then I found out that I was four hours short. I threw out all my 14-karat gold twin Gemini pendants.”

According to the singer, she’s a Cancer sun, while her moon is in Leo and her ascendant/rising sign is Scorpio — which, according to Consequence staff’s most astrologically savvy, is the perfect poison for someone who is very famous for making very gloomy music.

With her deceitful gold jewelry now out of the equation, Del Rey is fully embracing her Cancer identity: “I feel like I identify with Cancer qualities,” she elaborated, even likening herself to Cancer’s crab symbol. “I’ve got lots of crabs in diamonds. I’ve got a ‘go bag,’ I’ve got a truck — I carry everything I have with me on my back like a little crab. Total crybaby. Tears all the time.”

Watch the full interview below; the quotes above begin around the 4:20 mark.

Del Rey recently appeared on “Alma Mater,” a new single from her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff’s band Bleachers. Up next on her schedule is a November 29th appearance on NBC’s Christmas at Graceland special, and then she’ll head to Spain next May to headline Primavera Sound.

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