Gateway Beyond the Headlines 01/11/24- Cobb County GOP Chair Salleigh Grubbs Discusses Michigan Ballot Fraud, TGP’s Jordan Conradson on Hunter Biden, and Ivory Discusses Top Stories of Day– 8:00 PM ET | The Gateway Pundit

Ivory Hecker with TGP’s Jordan Conradson on Gateway Beyond the Headlines

Tonight, SHOCKING new evidence of Michigan voter fraud! Cobb County Georgia Republican Party Chair Salleigh Grubbs joins Ivory to discuss.

Is the honeymoon over? Ivory discusses the growing unhappiness among conservatives with the new Speaker.

Jordan Conradson, Gateway Pundit correspondent, joins Ivory to discuss the Hunter Biden Contempt resolution and the strange claims made by a Democratic member of Congress.

Then Ivory takes a look at the latest in the lawfare being waged against President Trump. As Biden’s poll numbers continue to slide, Biden’s DOJ and the left-wing DA’s and Judges get more and more desperate!

Finally, Ivory closes the night by looking at three 2024 stories: First, Chris Christie drops out – but that’s not news, what he said on his hot mic moment is! Second, has Trump picked a running mate? It sure sounds like it. Finally, we end on a high note as Obama frets over Biden losing to Trump in November!

WATCH: (Video will be available at 8 PM Eastern)


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