Media Star Eugene Vindmann Wins Dem Primary for US House Race in Virginia – His Prior Public Actions Should Make Him Unqualified for Congress | The Gateway Pundit

Media Star Eugene Vindmann Wins Dem Primary for US House Race in Virginia – His Prior Public Actions Should Make Him Unqualified for Congress | The Gateway Pundit
The Vindman brothers, Eugene and Alexander. The duo became media stars pushing the false narrative about President Trump leading to his first impeachment attempt.

“Eugene” Yevgeny Vindman, the twin brother of liberal media star Alexander Vindman won his primary election on Tuesday night.

Vindman will stand for Abigail Spanberger’s seat in Congress as a Democrat.

Vindman will face Republican winner and former Army Green Beret Derrick Anderson in November.

** You can donate to Derrick Anderson here.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Eugene Vindman and his numerous instances of criticizing his Commander in Chief, President Trump. For some reason, Vindman was promoted for his efforts.

Joe Hoft reported:

we have come across social media posts by the soon-to-be-promoted twin.  A reader provided the following:

During the run-up to the election, starting in Summer 2019, DoD commenced a massive training effort to instruct the Force in what constituted “prohibited political activity.” Large training packets were dispersed to all Services to train all Active Duty and DoD Civilians.

The training focused on the Hatch Act and Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 1344.10 titled, “Political Activities by Members of the Armed Forces”. DoDD 1344.10 is a “DoD Order” that must be obeyed by all military members. (The Hatch Act applies to DoD Civilians.) Active Duty members found violating the DoD Directive subject themselves to punishment under the UCMJ, (Article 92, Violation of an Order) and can be punished with a Dishonorable Discharge, forfeitures of all pay and allowances, and two years in prison.

While this training was underway LTC Yevgenin “Eugene” Vindman, brother of disgraced LTC Alex Vindman, ignored the law while using his “public” Facebook page to deride President Trump and his Administration. As an active duty Lieutenant Colonel and member of the attorney branch of the Army (JAG Corps) he depicted himself in uniform, as an active-duty officer and posted numerous items trashing the Commander in Chief and Trump Administration. Vindman did all this flagrantly during an election year. As an Army JAG he clearly was aware of what he was doing and his office may have even been required to train the “Prohibited Political Activities” at his location.

The DoD Order prohibits military personnel from “engaging in partisan political activity,” defined as words, statements or conduct advocating for the success or failure of any candidate for office, political party, or partisan political cause. The Directive specifically orders military members to never use their “official authority or influence to interfere with an election, affect the course or outcome of an election” and to “avoid inferences that their political activities imply or appear to imply official sponsorship, approval or endorsement [or non-endorsement] of any candidate.” It reiterates clearly that commissioned officers can be also be punished for using “contemptuous words” against a sitting President (another UCMJ violation).

Attached are screen shots taken of Vindman’s public Facebook page during the presidential campaign. It seems pretty clear to be laced with politically-charged vitriol directed at his Commander in Chief who was also campaigning for reelection at the time.

Amazingly the Pentagon just released its promotion list for Army JAG officers selected to wear the grade of Colonel (06 – one rank down from Brigadier General). Eugene Vindman is on the list. If promoted he will likely advise Generals at their commands around the world, lead large legal offices, and set legal policy where he is stationed. Similarly, as a Colonel he will supposedly “represent” what it means to be a “successful Army officer” to our Army troops and other Army lawyers.

In light of his conduct this is disgusting – but it can be prevented. Every slate of officer promotions requires approval by the U.S. Senate. In the past good patriots have had their promotions held up or derailed due to controversies raised by crooked Democrats. Shall we not return the favor for the Insubordinate Russian, Eugene Vindman? Call your Senators now.

Here a couple of his posts with more below.  In the first post the Vindman twin stands up for a participant in the fake impeachment:

Here is another disgusting post:

Here are some more of his posts on the Internet:

Vindman Screen Shots UCMJ by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Eugene Vindman is unqualified for Congress. like so many other radical Democrats today.

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