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A group of Catholic students protesting a drag queen story hour were attacked by a crazed leftist activist who doused them with spray paint.

The Catholic group, TFP Student Action, was peacefully protesting outside the Art Institute of Chicago when the incident occurred.

“There’s nothing more precious than the innocence of our children,” said Rex Teodosio, leader of the TFP group touring the Midwest. “But unfortunately, too many public schools and libraries have turned into dens of sin where minors are fed outrageous, inappropriate, and immoral material,” he said. “That’s why we decided to launch this peaceful campaign to protect the innocence of our children.”

According to a press release from the group, “LGBT advocates poured coffee on them, defaced pro-family banners and signs, destroyed private property, and sprayed them in the face with toxic paint.”

“I hope you (expletive) die, you Christian fascist (expletive),” a leftist activist can be heard yelling at the group. “You will die a lonely death.”

One woman approached the group telling them not to “spread hate” and attempted to grab the phone of someone in the group who was filming.

“Spread the hate, it’s lovely,” she said as she walked away. “I’m very glad I’m being taped, spread the hate.”

As some of the students prayed the Rosary, a red-haired woman approached and said “LGBT rights are human rights.”

“You guys are bigots,” she yelled.

The woman seemed to leave but later returned with a can of spray paint and began spraying it at the protesters.

“The paint hit me in the eyes and burned for about six hours,” said Teodosio.

“She spray painted my face too,” volunteer Joseph Scordato added.

The woman had fled by the time that police arrived, but the group said that they do want to press charges.

“Getting hit in the face with spray paint is not pleasant. My eyes are stinging, inflamed and bloodshot,” Teodosio said. “The attacker yelled ‘bigot’ and ‘hater’ as she destroyed our signs and ruined our clothes with paint — she played the victim as she committed the crime. But the sacrifice is all worth it because I know I’m building a culture that protects the innocence of children and shields them from grooming and corruption.”

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