WATCH: ‘I’ve Done Here What I Believe to be The Right Thing’ — Mike Johnson Speaks to Press After Leading House Vote to Send $95 BILLION to Fund Conflicts Oceans Away | The Gateway Pundit

Mike Johnson calls $95 Billion in “Foreign Aid,” including $60 Billion to Ukraine, “The right thing”

House Speaker Mike Johnson on Saturday spoke to the media after rolling over to Joe Biden and giving Senate Democrats a gift of $95 Billion to give to countries oceans away from our own, telling them he believes history will judge the decision well.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, The House of Representatives on Saturday passed three bills to hand out $95 Billion in “foreign aid” to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and other non-U.S. involved conflict zones around the world. Of the $95 Billion, over $60 Billion was allocated for Ukraine.

This comes after Republicans under Speaker Mike Johnson’s leadership gave up a $1.2 trillion spending bill with more support from Democrats than Republicans and reauthorization for warrantless searches of Americans under FISA Section 702. 

Johnson told the press that the spending bill and FISA reauthorization were “important measures that had to be done.”

The handout to Ukraine was sold to the American people as a “loan.” However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, the package Johnson announced Wednesday includes terms that will allow the President to cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt after November 15, 2024, and the remaining 50% after January 1, 2024. It’s no wonder Joe Biden came out “strongly” in support of the package, urging the House and Senate to pass it.

“Biden backs Johnson’s plan because Johnson’s plan is Biden’s plan,” said Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) on Wednesday following the announcement of the bills. Massie previously announced that we will cosponsor Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Motion to Vacate the Chair and remove Mike Johnson as House Speaker.

The loan forgiveness terms mean that after President Trump wins the 2024 election, as expected, Joe Biden can cancel 50% of Ukraine’s debt before his term ends in January. However, if Biden and the Democrats pull off another stolen election, they can forgive 100% of Ukraine’s debt a little over one year later. This isn’t a loan. It’s a handout.

See the full list of RINOs who voted in favor of the bills here:

BREAKING: House RINOS Pass Mike Johnson’s Biden Backed $95 BILLION in Foreign Aid Bills Including ADDITIONAL $60.84 BILLION to Ukraine – Here Are The RINOs Who Voted to Fund Conflicts Oceans Away

All 112 “Nay” votes on a bill to send $60 billion to Ukraine came from Republicans, with  101 Republicans voting “AYE” with 210 Democrats. Every single Democrat voted to send additional taxpayer money to secure a foreign border.

The Democrats then began to pledge their allegiance to Ukraine upon passage, waving a foreign flag in the United States House of Representatives and chanting, “UKRAINE, UKRAINE!”

Still, Mike Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Wartime Speaker,” believes he did the right thing by following through with Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda.

Via Citizen Free Press on Truth Social:

Johnson: I don’t walk around this building being worried about a motion to vacate. I have to do my job. We did. I’ve done here what I believe to be the right thing, and that is to allow the house to work its will. And, as I said, you do the right thing and you let the chips fall where they may.

Reporter: Why did you decide to do it right now?

Johnson: Listen, the house had a lot of important work to do here. We had to get the government funded in our appropriations process, we had to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, we had a lot of important measures that had to be done, and we got to this as quickly as we could. This is an important matter. I think it’s timely. I think you’ve heard from leaders around the world, including in Ukraine, that this is being done on a timely basis, and the house had to have the time to deliberate and do this in the right manner. I think we did our work here and I think history will judge it well.

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