Penelope & Eloise’s Broken Friendship Confuses Colin in New Promo (VIDEO)

Bridgerton‘s Season 3 promotional campaign continues and in the latest tease released by the show’s social media accounts, Colin (Luke Newton) is quite confused over the shift in Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Eloise’s (Claudia Jessie) friendship dynamic.

In the short video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Colin stands between former pals Penelope and Eloise, taking note of the underlying tension, but not exactly certain of the reason behind it. As fans will recall, Season 2 of the series concluded with Eloise uncovering Penelope’s secret identity as the Ton’s famed gossip columnist, Lady Whistledown (voiced by narrator Julie Andrews).

“The room has become rather tense, has it not?” The video was captioned on social media.

Will Colin learn the truth behind his friend and soon-to-be-love Penelope’s double life? Only time will tell as fans look forward to the arrival of Season 3’s two-part run this May and June.

But it’s clear from this tease as well as the Season 3 trailer, that Eloise and Penelope aren’t exactly on talking terms as Colin’s sister turns to an apparent friendship with Penelope’s longtime bully, Cressida (Jessica Madsen).

“Apparently she showed Eloise kindness when no one else would,” Jessie teased of the budding dynamic between Cressida and her character, during Netflix‘s livestream trailer release on April 11th. “She’s just a bit upset about the whole Lady Whistledown thing,” Jessie added.

“It’s quite bad,” Coughlan admitted of the situation unfolding between Eloise and Penelope this season. “It’s not the best,” Jessie echoed, but Coughlan noted that Eloise is “allowed to be mad” about being lied to about Penelope’s Lady Whistledown operation.

See the full promo, above, and let us know what you think of the underlying tension between Penelope and Eloise in the comments section, below.

Bridgerton, Season 3, Part 1 Premiere, Thursday, May 16, Netflix

Bridgerton, Season 3, Part 2 Premiere, Thursday, June 13, Netflix

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